AC coil cleaning - $350 (Longwood)

45 years experienced AC doing the most incredible coil cleaning money can buy. I have special equipment for coil cleaning, your coil will come out like almost new with all the dirt and filth removed. Don't waste your money on duct cleaning, its all a hoax, what you really need is a good coil, fan and cabinet cleaning to get your ac working correctly provided your condenser has no issues. Been doing coil cleaning for over 40 years. System cleaning goes all way to keeping your system in good running condition and reduce your equipment running more than it should. The longer your equipment runs during the day the more wear on it and the less it will last. Cleaning the air-hander also removes any mold that grows in dark and damp locations. Ur coil is always damp from trying to remove the moisture in the air, just open the air-handler and look at all the mold that is growing in ur AC, that's what u r breathing. You are exposing those conditions to ur entrie family. You may not see the mold spores but they are all around you as ur AC keeps working. Serviced many homes that complain that the AC is not able to maintain the set temperatures, most are due to clogged up air handlers. Call me and lets get your system cleaned and tuned up. I am not just an AC tech but a mechanical engineer who works hard to keep your ac working correctly as it was designed to. I can be reached at show contact info

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