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Would you have invested $1500 to own part of Microsoft in 1978?

If you missed that opportunity, here is your second chance.

My name is Michael. What I am offering is a partnership opportunity to join our startup company.

Our company, SYM, offers an innovative IT solution to almost 50 million customers per year, in an industry that generates $150 billion per year.

The SYM Solution will give our customers a 30% - 80% reduction off the LOWEST price currently available on the market. And, with economics the #1 factor for people selecting one product or service over another, we have the potential to dominate the market.

How is this possible?

Our path to success, our innovative IT solution, cuts through the traditional business models that currently consume almost 96% of the industry's revenue. In the past, introducing innovative IT solutions, have taken over traditional markets creating multi billion-dollar companies and made their founders millionaires or billionaires.

But, having an industry changing solution is not enough, there has to be excellent development behind it. My partners and I have spent the last two years developing the business. From concept origination to the most effective operational processes, we are now on the cusp of launching this enterprise.

Also, the timing is perfect...!

We are living in extraordinary times where the world is going through a technological transition. Businesses that have been around forever, are changing and evolving to catch up with the benefits of technology.

Anyone seeing those trends in advance and invest early are becoming millionaires and billionaires.

Why attend a party to meet people when you can stay home and connect with thousands of people? Why drive to a friend's house to see a video when you can watch thousands of videos from people all over the world? Why wait and pay more for a cab when you can pay less, select your own ride and have someone transport you in their own car?

On February 4th, 2004, a 19-year-old Mark Zuckerberg launched the social network Facebook (a way for people to connect). As of today, Facebook's value is over $500 billion with companies such as Goldman Sachs and others investing $500 million and more.

On March 7th, 2005 three friends launched Youtube (a way to share videos anytime, anywhere). A year and a half later, in the middle of November 2006, Youtube was bought by Google for $1.65 billion. Today, Youtube is worth more than $80 billion.

On June 12, 2010 Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp grew frustrated while trying to hail a cab in Paris and opened a ride-sharing company. Four months later, Uber was making $1.25 million and 10 years later, Uber earned revenue of over $2 billion dollars a quarter (yes, just four months’ worth of revenue).

When visionaries (like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Travis Kalanick, etc) recognize an opportunity to revolutionize a traditional industry by introducing innovative IT solutions, they created startup companies and made getting those products / services "easier, more convenient and more affordable" for everyone. And, in the process, made billions.

SYM, following the blueprint of these visionaries, is going to introduce an innovative IT solution that will forever change an industry.

And, like Facebook, Youtube and Uber during their startup stage, we are opening the doors to investors / partners to join us in the final few steps before launching SYM, a potentially life changing business for it's founders.

If you want a shot at changing your future and the future of your family, consider the two options we are offering to join us:

Investor: No ownership, net revenue only, not involved in decision making or company operations.
$500 per .01% (net revenue)
$1000 per .05% (net revenue)
$1500 per .1% (net revenue)

Partner: Ownership of company and involved in decision making and company operations (personal option).
$4500 for .5%
$6500 for 1% (up to a max of 5% available)

Now, you may think .5% is insignificant, but that would be an enormous mistake. Let me put a .5% ownership percentage in perspective.

Eduardo Luiz Saverin invested $5000 into a startup company, with an innovative IT solution, that didn’t even have a name at the time. For his $5000 investment, Eduardo owned 0.4% of the company (yes, less than half of 1%). That company was later named Facebook and today, because of that $5000 investment, Eduardo’s net worth is $8.2 billion dollars. Let me repeat, $8.2 billion dollars.

If the possibility of becoming the next Eduardo Saverin isn't enough to grab your attention, there is no point in reading any further. If, however, you understand what is happening around you and what a business like this may mean for you, your family, your children and their children, then contact me for an interview.

You can email me, text or call my number (727) 422-4322.

Call only if you are serious about joining and have funds to invest. Although we would enjoy discussing our company and what we are doing, we simply don't have the luxury of free time right now. Also, for security purposes, we need a Non-Disclosure Agreement and Non-Compete Agreement signed in order for me to release details to you about the business. I can email copies of both upon request.

Having said that, let me tell you a little about the three founders (so far) of SYM.

My two partners and I are all educated but not geniuses, famous, Nobel Prize winners, etc. We are three regular guys who have day jobs, work hard to take care of our family and have dreams of changing our lives. We are looking for a partner like us who has common sense and shares the same dreams.

For me personally, I was born in California but now live in the business-friendly state of Florida. I earned three degrees (BS and MS in Applied Psychology and a BS in Information Technology) and have a successful career as a professional. I have a family, good values and have worked hard most my life. I've lived in many countries (Germany, Greece, Italy, Turkey and others) and in many states (California, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Georgia, Florida and others). I have written a book and am now working on IT certifications.

This partnership offer is your chance to own part of a company that may soon be a leader in a billion dollar a year industry. Again... a leader in a billion dollar a year industry ($150 billion to be exact!).These life changing opportunities (Microsoft, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) open and close in a blink of an eye.

I hope, if you are the right person, that you don’t miss the boat.


Michael Holder

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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