WALL-E Pixar DVD BRAND NEW Unopened Disney Movie Rewards Rated G - $10 (Davenport)

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Title: Wall-E

Format: DVD - This is the Disney Movie Rewards Version, and is in brand new, unopened condition!

Summary: Every so often, media introduces a story reminding humans of the destruction of resources and the bleak future set forth for the planet Earth in the pursuit of economic fortune. The Wall-E DVD movie takes place on Earth hundreds of years into the future. Destruction has been caused by a mega corporation, leaving no course but to evacuate Earth’s inhabitants to star liners. The main characters include Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) and his love interest Eve, two animated characters delightfully designed in the Walt Disney fashion with animations by Pixar. The interesting aspect of this DVD movie is that many of the scenes and animations occur within a lifelike human context rather than a cartoon setting, allowing the general audience to feel as though the characters are very human. Wall-E is responsible for cleaning up the waste, a seemingly formidable task. One day, a spaceship arrives with an egg-shaped robot named Eve who is speedy, sleek, and stunning. Eve acts hostile and unfriendly toward him but turns his generally rigid heart toward romantic inclinations. Eve wants to return to humankind’s home to a giant spaceship called Axiom. The pair then become part of a battle whereby the mega corporation wishes to keep humans from returning to an uninhabitable Earth. Eve and Wall-E eventually convince the exiled robots to return to clean up the wasteland and make Earth a suitable place to live. The film is suitable for a general audience containing no inappropriate scenes or inappropriate language.

Rating: G

This is the original DVD in the original case. It is NOT a copy or bootleg! The DVD is unopened in the original plastic! This comes from a pet free and smoke free home. The pictures are of the actual item you will receive. I will meet in person in at the Davenport police station off 27 only, or for an extra $5, I will accept a PayPal payment and mail the DVD.

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