Various DVDs (Maitland)

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condition: good
media type: dvd
Various DVDs ranging from various genres
Price will vary on condition, title, and number of DVDs in each case
DVD titles will be listed below with genre, condition, and price
Terror Storm- horror, new
A Very Herold and Kumar Christmas- comedy, used
50 First Dates- romantic/ comedy, used
Paul Blart Mall Cop- comedy, good
The Devil Bat- horror, used
The Ape- horror, like new
The Unseen- horror, good
My Man Godfrey/ Life with Father- drama, used
The Ruins- horror, used
Batman Begins- action/ superhero, used
Face Off- action/ crime, used
Denis the Menace- comedy, used

Kingdom of Heaven- drama/action, used
Midway (1976)- drama/war, used ( another of the same movie like new $5)
The Recall- action/ sci-fi, used
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days- romantic comedy, used
The Undying Monster- horror, new
Annabelle Creation- horror, used
Slaughter High- horror, good
The Pirates of Somalia- drama/ war, like new
Felony- action/ crime, new (another of same movie in good condition)
Railway Man- drama, like new
The Fugitive- action/ crime, good
Napoleon Dynamite- comedy, good
Women's Health: Body Burn Series- exercise, new
Turbo Jam- exercise, like new
Hip Hop Cardio- exercise, like new
Ab-Solutely Fabulous Abs- exercise, good
Shrek II- animated, good
Toy Story set- animated, good

Total Recall- action, like new
The Pit and the Pendulum- horror, new
Lawless Range- action, new
Reclaim- action/ crime, new
Dr. No- action/ spy, new
The Wicker Man (2006)- horror, like new
Air Strike- action/ war, like new
The Poseidon Adventure (1972)- action/ disaster, good
Extraction- action/ crime, like new
Barber Shop- comedy, good
Star Wars Ep. 1 and 2- sci fi/epic, good
Blue Ray Star Trek (09)- sci-fi/ action, good
Blue Ray Toy Story II- animated, new
The Silver Linings Playbook- rom/com, like new

Godzilla (2014)- action, like new
The Hunger Games- action/ sci-fi, like new
Fletch- comedy, new
RV- comedy, new
Casino Royale- action/ spy, new
The Pink Panther Strikes Again- comedy, new
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation- action/ spy, new
Ronin- action, new
Six Days Seven Nights- action/ romance, new
The Monuments Men- drama/ war, new
Batman- action/ superhero, new
Terminator 2 Judgement Day- action/ sci- fi, like new
Boris Karloff Classics- horror/ crime, like new
Batman Collection- action/ superhero, like new
Prom Night/ Descendant/ The Nurse/ The Dead One- horror, new
Seven- crime, good
Crazy Stupid Love- romantic/comedy, new

Superman- action/ superhero, new

Chilling Classics 50 films- horror, good
Horror Classics 50 films- horror, good

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