Lemon Blue-eyed Bristlenose Plecos (L144a) - $12 (West Orlando / Gotha)

These fish are home bred in our local tapwater by me. Fish shown in pictures are parents and actual babies for sale. They show great coloration even as juveniles and won’t get huge (5-6” max). They are currently unsexed and about 1.25” long and growing.

Licensed Dealer with the state

Calico Bushynose (Bristlenose) Pleco
Scientific Name: Ancistrus sp.
Diet: Omnivore (mostly plant matter)
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Min Tank Size (in gallons): 20
Community Safe: Yes
pH Range 6.0-7.6
Temperature Range 72-85
Max Size (in inches): 5-6
Origin: South America

Males will grow bushy appendages around the mouth and on top of the head. Some adult females will have a few bristles near their mouth but not like their male counterparts.

Ancistrus plecos are omnivores that eat both meaty foods as well as plant matter though they seem to eat more vegatation than meaty foods. They are generally safe for planted aquariums and stay smaller than most other pleco species. A staple food these are raised on are fresh vegetables including canned no salt added french cut green beans as well as fresh zucchini.

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