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license info: Licensed to practice law in Florida. Florida Bar Association number 161187

The Orlando Family Law Attorney With Answers And Commitments

Eduardo J. Mejias, Esquire With AAA Family Law,
Accomplished Accessible Aggressive
Serving the Orlando Metro Area From Altamonte Springs.

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For A Free 20-Minute Initial Consultation With Ed Mejias,

Mon-Fri 9 am to 6 pm, Sat 12 pm to 5 pm.

I have practiced mainly family law for nine years, and I have represent literally hundreds of family law clients like yourself who are stressed, hurt and confused by the situation they find themselves in. Call me, Eduardo Mejias, at show contact info so I can help you take back control of your situation.
This is what I commit to you:

*I will answer your questions honestly, offer you a clear and understandable strategy for achieving your objectives and aggressively protect your interests.

*Your calls and emails will be returned within twenty-four hours.

*What I will not do is to just tell you what you would like to hear but may not be true, confuse you with
legalese, or leave you in the dark about the status of your case.​​
*I will base your retainer fee on several factors, but will always know the amount before you pay and it will
always be reasonable and easy to understand (See below How AAA Family Law Charges for Its

Call Eduardo Mejias at show contact info to schedule your free 20-minute initial consultation. I look forward to meeting you.​​


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Ask Family Law Attorneys These Questions

Is the attorney devoted exclusively to family law, or just a general practitioner with only limited experience in this area?​​

How long will I have to wait for an opportunity to speak with my family lawyer?
Will my attorney aggressively pursue my interests, or just passively react to what the other side does?​​​​​​​​​​​​​

AAA Family Law Has The Answers

When you hire me as your Orlando family lawyer from AAA Family Law, you are getting the wisdom and insights of an accomplished attorney devoted exclusively to this complex area of law. I have practiced primarily family law for nine years, and I have represented clients in more than fifty trials, dozens of depositions, and hundreds of mediations involving divorce, alimony, child support and related cases. My level of experience ensures that you receive the highest quality representation.​​​
I will be accessible and sit down with you in an initial consultation to discuss your family law situation. As your family lawyer, I will keep you informed of the progress of your case, and I will respond to all of your phone calls and e-mails within twenty-four hours. You will also to talk to me about your legal matters, not to an assistant.

I will be aggressive in litigating your case. I will use every available legal tool to further your interests. My extensive knowledge of family and divorce law, combined with my familiarity with family judges, allows me to see options that less-experienced attorneys would not think of.
Looking forward to defending your rights,
Eduardo J. Mejias, Esq. ​

The Four Most Frequent Questions Asked of an Orlando Divorce Attorney

I've been served divorce papers. What should I do?

First, you should understand what receiving legal service of process entails. Your spouse mailing you the petition for dissolution of marriage (divorce), or even handing it to you does not constitute legal service.

Either a law enforcement officer or a neutral process server must physically deliver you a summons issued by the clerk of court in your county, along with the petition. If you were indeed served with a divorce petition, do not panic. You have twenty days from the date of service to file an answer, and if needed, a counter-petition.

Just call AAA Family Law and schedule your 20-minute consultation with a divorce attorney. we will not only review what you have been served, but we will also discuss with you all of the pertinent issues in your divorce, and determine what our case strategy will be. By the time you leave your consultation, you will know exactly what your litigation goals are, and how we will reach them.

Can I change my divorce judgement?

Quite often, a former spouse or parent becomes unhappy with the terms of the final judgment of their divorce or paternity case. He or she then hires a divorce lawyer to change it. Keep in mind though, that one's mere dissatisfaction with the final judgment is not nearly enough to obtain a modification. Instead, the party requesting the modification must establish that a "substantial change in circumstances" has occurred since the final judgment.

A court will not retry your divorce trial or allow you to reconsider a one-sided settlement agreement. Unfortunately, in order to lure you as a client, many divorce attorneys will manufacture substantial changes in circumstances in order to convince the prospective client that his/her case has merit.

You will never feel like you are shopping at a car dealership at AAA Family Law. I do not always tell my clients what they want to hear. Instead, I honestly advise them on what realistic legal options are available to them.

However, if genuine substantial changes in circumstances have occurred since your final judgment, I will identify them, and explain how we can use them to obtain the modification you are looking for.

Can I see my divorce attorney when I need to?

I will attempt to return all phone calls and e-mails from my clients by the end of the day, or if that is not possible, within twenty-four hours. One of the most common complaints about divorce lawyers is their inaccessibility. When you hire AAA Family Law, not only will you receive trustworthy legal advice from an experienced divorce attorney, but you will also be informed of every development in your case.

How much family law experience do you have? I do not want to pay for my attorney's training.

I have practiced primarily as a divorce attorney since 2005, and exclusively since 2011. During that time, I have represented clients in over fifty trials, hundreds of mediations, countless pre-trial hearings, and dozens of depositions in divorce, domestic violence, paternity cases, alimony, child support modifications, time-sharing (or custody) disputes and dependency matters. I have even authored two successful appellate briefs.

In short, as a divorce attorney, I have helped clients navigate through every phase of the process, beginning at the initial consultation and ending at the trial or, in a couple of cases, the appeal. While knowledge of the relevant statutes and case law is important, the courtroom experience that I have accumulated provides me with insights into family law that many general practitioners lack.

How else do you assist your clients?

AAA Family Law represents clients in the Orlando and Central Florida area in cases of: (a) paternity (custody disputes between unmarried parents), (b) the modification and establishment of time-sharing (child custody), (c) child support, (d) alimony, (e) matters involving the Department of Revenue and the Department of Children and Family (dependency), (f) adoptions, (g) prenuptial and antenupitial agreements, (h) domestic violence and other family law issues. Schedule a 30-minute initial consultation to learn more.

Information About AAA Family Law

Contact AAA Family Law

Make an appointment for a free 30-minute initial consultation.
Call the Altamonte Springs office phone: show contact info
Mon-Fri 9 am to 5 pm or Sat 12 pm to 5 pm

AAA Family Law is an Altamonte Springs law firm serving the Orlando metropolitan area, located at:
427 Centerpointe Circle, Suite 1812, Altamonte Springs Florida 32701.

AAA Family Law serves these Central Florida counties and their cities​:

Orange County: Apopka, Bay Lake, Belle Isle, Eatonville, Edgewood, Lake Buena Vista, Maitland, Oakland, Ocoee, Orlando, Winter Garden, Winter Park and Windermere. Seminole County: Altamonte, Springs, Casselberry, Lake Mary, Longwood, Oviedo, Sanford and Winter Springs. Volusia County: Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, DeBary, DeLand, Deltona, Edgewater, Holly Hill, Lake Helen, New Smyrna Beach, Oak Hill, Orange City, Ormond Beach, Pierson, Ponce Inlet, Port Orange, South Daytona. Lake County: Astatula, Clermont, Eustis, Fruitland Park, Groveland, Howey-in-the-Hills, Lady Lake, Leesburg, Mascotte, Minneola, Montverde, Mount Dora, Tavares and Umatilla. Osceola County: Buena Ventura Lakes, Celebration, and Kissimmee.

Legal Services of AAA Family Law

We represents clients in cases of court and mediation divorces, child support, adoptions, paternity, spousal support or alimony, child custody or time sharing, domestic violence injunctions, enforcement of decrees, military family issues, name changes, prenuptial agreements and state child protection.

The great majority of clients are charged a fixed retainer fee that you will know before deciding to sign with AAA Family Law

Mr. Mejias has nine years of experience as a divorce lawyer in Florida, three of them as an Orlando divorce lawyer, practicing from Altamonte Springs for the last year.​

The Four Most Frequently Heard Myths About Divorce in Florida

Anyone who has seen the Discovery Channel show "Mythbusters" knows that some popularly-held notions about science are often false or only partially true.

​There are also many family law myths. Here are the four myths about divorce in Florida that I hear most often:​

You need legitimate grounds for divorce

In the Orlando area and anywhere in Florida, you can obtain a divorce if you do not like the way your spouse breathes! Several decades have passed since Florida courts required that the divorcing spouse prove one of the traditional grounds for divorce: abandonment, abuse, or adultery.

Today, you simply have to allege that the marriage is "irretrievably broken" and you will obtain your divorce. Of course, the final terms of the divorce usually require much more effort to secure. These terms relate to the ordering of child support, alimony or both, time-sharing arrangements for the children, the distribution of the marital assets and debts, and how the divorce attorneys' fees will be paid.​ ​

My cheating spouse is going to pay!​

Related to the first myth is the notion that the adulterous spouse will be heavily penalized in the divorce. Actually, Florida appellate courts have consistently limited the relevance of adultery to instances where the philandering spouse has depleted marital assets on the affair.

In those rare cases where such a factual finding is made, a court may order the unfaithful spouse to reimburse the other spouse half of those assets. Otherwise, adultery will not impact the final outcome of your divorce.

Florida is a 50-50 state on child custody

I believe a lot of my clients have confused Florida's presumption in favor of shared parental responsibility with 50-50 time-sharing. While it is true that Florida favors shared parental responsibility between the mother and the father, this presumption does not apply to the actual amount of time-sharing with the children that each of the parents will be awarded.

In fact, no presumption exists in favor of any particular time-sharing schedule. If your case proceeds to a trial, your judge will establish a time-sharing schedule that is in the best interests of your children, based on the individual facts of your case.

We agree on everything so don't need a lawyer​

I have represented hundreds of divorce clients, but I can count on two hands the number of truly uncontested divorces that have crossed my path. Most divorces involve multiple issues that a non-lawyer simply would not think of. Even if you and your spouse agree on all of the major issues (which I encourage), you will still benefit from having an experienced divorce lawyer draft an enforceable and sustainable marital settlement agreement.

Each spouse's rights regarding time-sharing of the children, child support, alimony, and the distribution of the marital assets and debts needs to be clearly defined. Otherwise, the divorcing spouses are setting themselves up for a future legal battle.

How AAA Family Law, Charges for Its Services

The Initial Consultation is Free

At the initial consultation we find out about the circumstances of your case, explain what we plan to do to help you and quote you the price we will charge.

Fixed Retainer Fees Vs. Hourly Retainer Fees

AAA Family Law charges the great majority of its clients a fixed or flat fee retainer for an amount that you will know before signing any contract. With a flat fee retainer agreement you pay the same amount regardless of how many hours we spend working on your case. You will not have to worry each month about how large the legal bill will be.

We cannot quote here specific prices for cases because each case is different. Each case involves a different degree of complexity and therefore a different estimated amount of time that it will take.

Fortunately, after we discuss your case in the free initial consultation, and before you pay or sign a contract based on a flat fee, we will answer the question: How much will it cost me for my divorce, child support or other family law case?

However, a few cases are too complex to be able to gauge how many hours of work will be needed. They require hourly retainer fees that are paid based on hours worked times an hourly rate. But, even with an hourly retainer you will never be blindsided by our fees. We charge a reasonable hourly fee, and always explain to our clients in advance what legal actions are needed to secure a favorable outcome.

Retainer Fee Phases

Family law cases go through as many as three phases: (a) pre-mediation, (b) mediation, and (c) trial. Since it is impossible to predict whether your case will advance to the third phase, we only charge you initially for phases one and two. For example, if you and your divorcing spouse settle at the court-ordered mediation, with a flat fee retainer, you will not have to pay any more to AAA Family Law. But, if you do not settle with your spouse during mediation, your case will likely proceed to a trial. At that point, I will tell you in advance what your trial retainer fee will be and why.

Timing of the Payment

We offer prospective clients the choice of an affordable fee in the form of a monthly payment plan or a single discounted upfront payment. You deserve that choice.

Forms of Payment

AAA Family Law accepts these forms of payment:
Check, Cash or Visa, Master Card or Discover credit cards.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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