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Yes, that is correct. They have all been castrated by the biggest LIAR that our country has ever seen. Not only that, they don't have the GUTS to tell Trump to stop his lying.

Trump LIES and LIES and LIES and not one Republican Senator or Congress person will stand up, to support the supposed decorum of the Office of President, as Trump merrily goes about his day, telling LIES and more LIES.

No wonder the R's will be having a tough time this election. Not only have they had their balls cut off and have lost all honesty, honor or even Morals, they can't tout the TAX CUTS as a great reason to vote for them, because the vast majority of the cuts went to the Corporations and from there to the Rich Investors, and even if they were not investors, they got the largest share.

Did Bill Gates or Warren Buffett or Elon Musk NEED A TAX CUT? They are the ones who got the largest share, while the lies about how the workers will get some of the savings from businesses and will have up to $4000 more in their bank accounts, does not pan out. In reality, it was not supposed to. Yup, once again the Republicunts LIED about their tax cuts, and formulated them expressly to ENRICH THE ALREADY FILTHY RICH PEOPLE and the CEO and management class.

The working people, once again, recieved a boot in the ass, and not even a penny lolipop.

The Rich, the Corporate CEOs and the Republicans, including Mr. "I'll work for the middle class" Trump, are laughing at the American Worker, shocked in disbelief that they GOT SCREWED AGAIN.

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