$900 / 2br - 1600ft2 - NO LEASE! FURNISHED! UTILITIES $900./950.. (Palm Springs-2 miles from Crane's Roost Park and the mall.)

FURNISHED, Wi-Fi, ALL UTILITIES - month to month... Private room (or rooms) behind a door that leads to an ensuite located on the opposite side of the house from the main bedroom. I only ask you to stay at least 2.5 months, if not more, to prevent the "revolving door" syndrome. Lol! Most people have stayed anywhere from 4 months to 2 years! Yes, seriously, TWO years! I kindly ask for a signed, dated notice-to-vacate, 30 days in advance, before you move. (Thank you in advance! :~)

Attractive, CLEAN home, established, safe neighborhood, close to Crane's Roost Park and the Altamonte mall! WE'LL TEXT PICTURES. Newer computer...so the air dropping of pictures has not quite been mastered yet. Massey comes regularly and has for many years, so there are NO PESTS! Lovely kitchen with your own designated pantry and cabinet space, use of all appliances, plus pots/pans, dishes, utensils, micro-wave, stove/oven/ refrigerator washer, dryer. Your room is furnished! $900.00 is the price for people who WORK AWAY from home. Add $50.00 if you're home all the time.

I'm in transition right now, so am only renting 1 room to 1 person...Therefore, RIGHT NOW, the bathroom is all yours! If for some reason you need more space, I'll rent both rooms to you for only $1400.00 :~)

Again - $900.00 is a discounted for people who work AWAY from home at least 35 hrs. weekly AND work during the day! Add on $50.00 more if you stay home throughout the day, for any reason, except for a temporary illness of course. (I'm referring to people who stay home everyday because they're disabled, retired or work during the night or work from home.) In these circumstances $950.00 is your rent.

There is a printed "AGREEMENT" that we both sign. Of course you get a copy! The month to month agreement says AGREEMENT in large bold letters right on the front. I purchased it from Staples. It is NOT A CONTRACT and you do receive a copy of it, that I sign as well. I've used it successfully for over TEN years - with no problems! However, if you're a person who struggles with trust, you're welcome to take a blank copy of it to show an attorney. (Again, this "agreement" has worked beautifully for me, for over TEN years! :~)

Even though I kindly request you stay at least 2.5 months, no one has ever only stayed 2.5 months. Normally, my tenants have rented for MUCH longer!

Contact Ellen or Dan for an appointment to see the house and rooms. WILL TEXT PICTURES! We just haven't quite mastered the "air dropping" to include the newer pictures in this ad. Start by coming to meet us, so you can see the place. If interested, you'll start by filling out the application. As long as your application is good, You'll pay your first month and HALF of your last month as you move in the first month.

Everything is documented, so rest assured you're not taken advantage of! Everyone has always paid their FIRST MONTH AND HALF of THE LAST month's rent in advance, but that's it! I only ask for HALF your last month, upfront, because remember, I'm paying for everything, so my bills (utilities, wi-fi, upkeep of appliances, furnishings, Massey, etc.) that I pay while you're living here, obviously continue to arrive after you move. Paying half of your last month's rent upfront, when you move in, along with the first, helps us both! It's helpful especially helpful for you when your last month arrives.

Also, I need you to give me a "head's up" notice -to-vacate AT LEAST 30 days prior to your last month after you've decided to move. I only ask you to please give me this handwritten, signed, dated, notice-to-vacate, 30 days PRIOR to leaving, so I'll be aware of the last day you plan to leave.

NO DRUG USE, no pets, no couples, NO INSIDE smoking. If you smoke outside, please have own ash tray and dispose of your cigarette butts immediately, in a way that they are never seen! Text show contact info for info. to get the most recent pictures of the house and room texted to you. We look forward to texting and later talking and meeting with you!

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