⭐πŸ”₯⭐ Need Ultimate Help ? ⭐πŸ”₯⭐ (orlando)


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Need help for things ? Want less stressful life ? You don't have time for everything ?
I am ready to help you and your family.
I am willing to be your personal assistant.

This is a personal AD, i am not working with company, this is not a SCAM, people mostly things if its too good to be true probably its not. >> i am living example that is not right.

Thank you for taking time and reading my advertisement.
FIRST PART about services
SECOND PART about myself
THIRD PART about references and compensation

⭐πŸ”₯⭐ --FIRST PART--⭐πŸ”₯⭐
Here is a Small list about the things i can provide help for but yet not limited with list, you can still make your offer and we can discuss,

-help around and inside house
--cooking (i was cooking professionally in the past) also i can give you cooking classes( i don;t cook fast food or harmfull things so consider that :)
--fixing small stuff
--help for your projects
--clean your pool
-- help your kids homework
--take care your pets while you away ( suprisingly all animals love me so much i don't know y but i love them too )
--if you leaving house longer period of time i will take care of your property

-help you do your shopping

-help you drive around

-personal trainer > need to loose or gain weight in a healthy way ? want to get in shape ? (i have changed people's life)

-top of the line travelling expert (picking locations making plans full itinary (upon request i can join you)

-martial arts lessons (i was fighting professionally in the past)

-swimming lessons (i was swimming professionally in the past)

-you have interest in certain topic but you don't know how to involved > i will help you.

-want to learn how you can work on your own car or motorcycle ? (i was mechanic in the past)

-like to ride bicycle but don't know how to fix ? >i can help

-very active person but you cant find a friend to do things with you ? (i be company)

-you have a business and you cant trust anyone for things to get done ? i will help you in your professional life.

-bilingual i can teach you other languages you interested, if you want to learn any language i don't know yet i will learn it for the teach you:)

-i can teach you to survive from adventure activities such (climbing,diving,jumping from plane,camping in the woods , hiking into the wild, snowboarding, skiing, rollerblade etc, )

-i can help you make business cards or other technology related things windows and android (don't ask me about apple i don't like that company :) )

-i have experienced way more things then this little list and i am able to help\teach you in way more topics that i haven't listed here.

⭐πŸ”₯⭐ SECOND PART ⭐πŸ”₯⭐

I am 27 years old was born in turkey(istanbul) and started from skretch 3 times so far :) Cryprus lived for 5 years get there just with a backpack, then came USA and lived in Cleveland OH, for 2 years and moved down to Orlando week ago.

I am very social, professional, honest, hard working, creative, intelligent, educated, person, fast learner and fully adaptable to changing conditions. i am literally always happy and according to my taguhts luckiest person alive :)
I am always positive because i believe there is a solution for all problems, i just love my life and everything it brings to me, i have always met right people (mostly :)) so far.

i have attempt 2 different schools and graduated both, if i was rich my dream life would be studying forever :) i like learning languages and other stuff. i was born in Turkey and came to united states 2 years ago, i have been in many countries i love travelling, outdoor and an active life.

I don't drink, i have never used any drugs,i have never smoke, i have never committed any kind of crime, including speeding tickets i am willing for background check if you want to :) (i only have some parking tickets from my travels, all paid full :))
I have met with family/persons 3 times so far in last 4 years, that they have trusted me with everything they have and with their life pretty much, and all was happy with my helps ,

⭐πŸ”₯⭐ THIRD PART⭐πŸ”₯⭐

you can trust me with your life i promise, if its necessary please contact me for reference, i have done similar jobs before worked with people who just choosed to trust me in first conversation ,I have met with family/persons 3 times so far in last 4 years, that they have trusted me with everything they have and with their life pretty much, and all was happy with my help .

i am willing to let you ask them upon request and ask me to them :) , or you can just ask me anything in your mind and i will give you an honest answer , i can even tell you about my entire story as well.

in order to get my you can pay me $24/h at least 2 hours of service for scheduled help 24/7 , if you need longer term and you don't wanna do hourly deal we can discuss on the phone and you can trade empty room in your house with money :)

PS: since i posted ad people asking me if i am that good of a person why i am not having normal job , answer for that. i am a living human i am not piece of paper, companies only cares about paper pieces so i don't have any value in their eyes. places i have applied don't want to work because they don't care :). (i am not homeless , i make money, i am just looking for opportunity in Orlando that i had in my previous places.

I Don't provide anything sexual so stop asking please
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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