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Angelo R. Martinez | REALTOR® | Buyer's Specialist | Century 21 Carioti | Van Treese Home Group
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Are you close to being able to buy a home but aren’t quite ready? Did you just move to Orlando, Florida and aren’t sure where you want to live? Do you need to rent right now but really want to buy a home in a couple years? Home Partners’ Lease with a Right to Purchase Program may be right for you.

You can apply to the program on the Home Partners of America website, and if you’re approved, we will help you find the home you want in Home Partners’ program. Home Partners will buy the home and rent it to you, and you will have 3-5 years of rent certainty with only a one-year financial commitment on the lease.

Most importantly, you can purchase the home you selected from Home Partners at a price established when you enter the Right to Purchase Agreement, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

This is an exciting opportunity for prospective homeowners, and we encourage you to consider completing an application to the Lease with a Right to Purchase Programs.

104th St, 105th St, 11th Ave, 11th St, 18th St, 19th St, 1st Ave, 1st St, 2 Horse Dr, 20th St
21st St Eyas Rd Faberge Dr, Fabian Ave, Fable St Fabry Cir Fabry Way Facet Ct Faculty Dr
Fair Meadows Ct, Fair Weather Way Fairfax St Fairgreen Fairgreen Ave - Executive Airport (orl)
Fairgreen St Fairhaven Way Fairmont Cir Fairmont St Fairview Shores Dr Fairview St Fairview Vista Point Fairvilla Rd Fairway Cove Dr Fairway Hill Ct Fairway Ln Fairway Point Cir Fairway Pointe Cir Fairway Pointe Dr Fairway Woods Blvd Falabella Ct Falcon Cove Ct Falcon Ct Falcon Dr Falcon Moss Ln Falcon Parc Blvd Falcon Pine Blvd Falcon Ridge Dr Falcon Trace Blvd Falkirk Way Falkner Rd Fallbrook Pl Falling Needle Dr Falling Star Ln Falling Water Dr
Fallow Trail Falls Dr Fallsgrove St Fambridge Rd FanTail Ln Fanfair Ave Fangorn Rd Fanning Springs Ln Fargo Pl Farington Ct Farley St Farnsworth Ct Farthington Way Fathom Ct Faust Ct Faversham Cir Fawn Pl Fawn Ridge Rd Fawnhaven Ct Fawnlake Trail Fawnway Ct Faxton Ct Fayann St Faywood Ct Featherbristle Ln Federal Ct Federal St Fekany Pl Feldspar Trail Fells Cove Blvd Felton Ct Fenrose Terrace Fenton St Fenwick Cove Ln Fenwick Dr Fenwood Ln Ferguson Dr Fermway Rd Fern Ave Fern Cir Fern Lake Dr Fern Pine Dr Fern Rock Rd
Fern Vista Blvd Fernbrook Ct Fernleaf Dr Fernridge Dr Fernvalley Ct Fernway Rd Fernwicke Ct
Fernwood St Ferrara Ave Ferrier Ct Ferris Ave Ferrow St Ferry Landing Ln Ferryboat Ct
Festival Way Fiddlesticks Ct Fields St Fieldstream Blvd Fieldstream N Blvd Fieldstream W Blvd
Fieldview Ct Fiesta Ct Fighting Irish Ln Figman Way Fiji Cir Fincastle Way Finch St Finchley Pl
Fingest Ct Fiore Dr Firefly Ct Firefox Cove Firehouse Ln Firenze Blvd Firestone Cir Firestone Ln
Firestone St Firewater Ct Firwood Ct Fish Ct Fisher St Fiske Cir Fitzgerald Butler Rd Fitzgerald Dr Fitzsimmons Dr Fitzwilliam Way Flagler Dr Flamborough Dr Flamingo Dr Flat Rock Ln Flatwood Ln Fledgling Ct Flintlock Dr Flintshire St Flo Rd Floral Dr Florence Ave Florence Harbor Dr Florence Vista Blvd Florene Dr Flores Ct Floribunda Dr Florida 400 Florida Crown Dr Florida Festival Dr Florida Holly Dr Florida Mall Ave Florida Privet Dr Florida Rock Rd Florida Soapberry Blvd Florida's Turnpike Floridays Resort Dr Florinda Dr Flossmoor Ave Flossmore
Flower Coral Dr Flower Fields Ln Flowering Dogwood Dr Flycast Cir Flynt Cir Flyrod Cir Foley Dr Folkstone Ln Fontana St Footbridge Trail Forbes Pl Force 4 Pkwy Ford St Fordham Creek Ln
Fordham Ct Fordwell Dr Forecastle Ct Foreland Pl Forest Cir Forest Club Dr Forest Island Dr
Forest Oaks Dr Forest Run Ln Forestedge Cir Forestgreen Ct Forestside Ct Forestwood Ct
Forget-me-not Ct Formax Dr Formosa Ave Forrestal Ave Forsythia Dr Fort Apache Ct Fort Bravo Ct Fort Clinch Ave Fort Desota Fort Desoto St Fort Dodge St Fort Jackson Ave Fort Jefferson Blvd Fort Keith Way Fort Knox Ct Fort Lee Ct Fort Ln Dr Fort Mchenry Ct Fort Shea Ave Fort Stevens Str Fort Sumter Dr Fort Thomas Way Fort Wayne Ct Fort William Ct Fortunella Dr Forum Dr Forzley St Foss Ave Foster Ln Fountain Pkwy Fountain Vista Ln Fountainbrook Blvd Fountainview Ln Fox Grove Ct Fox Hollow Dr Fox Hound Ct Fox Hound Ln Fox Meadow Ct
Fox Meadow Dr Fox Ridge Trail Fox St Foxbower Rd Foxcroft Ct Foxfire Cir Foxhall Ct Foxhurst Ct Foxshire Ct Foxworth Cir Foxworth Ct Foy St Fraim Ct Francis Ave Francois St Franconia Dr Frank Hubbard Rd Frank St Frankel St Franklin Ln Fraternity Ct Frazier Ave Fred S Griffis Rd Fredrica Dr Freezone St Fremont Park Ave French Oak Dr Frescada Ct Freshwater Ct Fresno Dr Fricke Ave Friendly Ave Friendship Dr Frieth Dr Frigate Dr Froggatt St Frontier Ln Frubisher Ct Fruitwood Ct Fryland Rd Fulcrum Ave Fuller St Fulton Ct Furman Ave Futures Dr Gables Commons Dr *** Gachet Ct Gadsen Blvd Gadwall Ln Gainesborough Ct Gainesborough Dr Gairloch St
Gaither St Galatian Pl Galaxy Way Galbi Dr Gale St Galena Ln Gallberry Ct Galleon Ct Galleon Dr Gallimore St Galvin Dr Gamboge Ct Gamboge Dr Game Trail Ct Gammon Ln Gander Ave
Gander Ct Ganhill Ct Gantry Ln Garbelia Ave Garden Ave Garden Cove Ct Garden Lily Dr
Garden Pl Garden Plaza Garden Rose Ct Garden Spring Ct Gardenia Ave Gardens Ct Gardens Dr Gardenview Ct Gardenwood Rd Garni Garni Ct Garvin St Gaston Foster Rd Gate Pl Gatebury Dr Gatehouse Ct Gathering Dr Gatlin Ave Gatlin Oaks Ln Gator Dr Gattis Dr Gault St
Gavin Ct Gawsworth Point Gay Dr Gay Nell Ct Gaylord St Gaymar Dr Gear Lake Ave Gear St
Geigel Ave Geigel Ct Gelato Dr Gelm Ct Gelwood Ave Gem Mary Ct Gem Oaks Dr Gem Oaks Terrace Gemini Blvd Gemini Blvd E Gemini Blvd S Gemini Blvd W Gemstone Ct Genatian St
General Dr General Rees Ave Geneva Pl Genie St Gennaro Ln Genoa Ln Gentian St Geoffrey Dr George St Georgetown Dr Georgia Blvd Georgia Tech St Georgiana Ave Geraldine St Geranium Ave Gerard Ave Gerda Terrace Gershwin St Getty Way Gettysburg Cir Ghent Ct
Gibbs Hill St Gibraltar Rd Gifford Gilboa Way Gilchrist Dr Gilford Ln Gillette Ct Gilliam Rd Gillingham Ct Gills Dr Gilman Cir Gilsom Ct Ginger Ave Ginger Cir Ginger Creek Blvd
Ginger Mill Blvd Gingham Ct Ginkgo Dr Giovana Ct Girvan St Givens St Glades Ave Gladin Ct
Gladwin Ct Glasgow Ave Glasgow Cir Glasser Ave Glastonbury Dr Gleam Ct Gleason Ave Glen Abbey Cir Glen Cove Cir Glen Crest Way Glen Eagles Way Glen Garry Ln Glen View Ct Glen Village Ct Glendale St Glenmere Way Glenn Alley Glenn Cliff Way Glenn Ln Glenridge Way Glenside Ln Glenwood Ave Glitter Ct Global Cir Glossy Privet Dr Gloucester Way Glowing Peace Ln Glyborne Ct Glyn St Glynde Hill Dr Goethe St Gold Tree Ct Golden Chickasaw Cir
Golden Club Ct Golden Cypress Ct Golden Gate Ave Golden Glen Ct Golden Isle Blvd
Golden Knight Cir Golden Knights Cir Golden Ln Golden Nugget Dr Golden Oak Ct Golden Pond Ct Golden Rain Ct Golden Rain Tree Blvd Golden Rock Dr Golden Shadow Landing
Golden Sky Ln Golden View Ln Goldeneye Dr Goldenglow Dr Goldenwood Dr Goldfish Cir
Goldleaf St Goldsboro Ct Golf Channel Dr Golfview Blvd Golfview St Golfway Blvd Gondola Dr
Good Homes Rd Goodland St Goodman Rd Goodwyck Dr Goose Ct Goostry Point Gopher Ln
Gore Ave Gorham Ave Goshen Ct Govern Blvd Gowen St Grace Rd Graceland Ct Graduate Ct
Graduate Dr Graham Ave Gramercy Ct Gramercy Dr Gran Paradiso DrGran Paseo Dr Gran Via
Granada CtGrand Bank Ln Grand Banner Dr Grand Bend Ct Grand Brook Cir Grand Canyon Dr Grand Cayman Ct Grand Central Pkwy Grand Coulee Rd Grand Couler Rd Grand Cove Dr
Grand Cypress Blvd Grand Cypress Clubhouse Dr Grand Horizons Blvd Grand Jct Blvd
Grand Magnolia Ave Grand National Dr Grand River Dr Grand StGrand Teton Rd Grand Vacations Way Grande Pointe Blvd Grande Valencia Dr Grandee Dr Grandiflora Dr Grandola Dr
Granite Bay Dr Grant Blvd Grantham Ct Granville Ln Grassy Island Ln Grassy St Gray Birch Cir
Gray Fox Ln Gray Shadow Ct Gray Shadow St Graystoke Ln Grazely Ct Great Commission Way Great Cove Dr Great Golden Ct Great Heron Cir Great Shady Ln Great Sound Dr Greek Ct
Greek Park Dr Greely St Green 1 Ct Green Badger Ln Green Bay Ct Green Bush Ct Green Dragon St Green Emerald Ct Green Heron Ct Green Meadow Ln Green Mistletoe Ct Green Pine Ct Green Pocket Ln Green Shadows Pl Green Tree Dr Green Turtle Ave Greenbelt Blvd Greenbriar Pkwy Greenery Ct Greengate Dr Greengrove Ct Greenland St Greenleaf Dr
Greenline Way Greenmount Rd Greens Ave Greenside Ct Greenview Pines Ct Greenville Ct
Greenway Dr Greenwich Village Blvd Greenwillow Dr Greenwood St Gregory Rd Grenoble Dr
Grenwich Ave Gresham Dr Gretagreen Ct Grevillea Dr Grey Hawk Point Greydale Cir
Greylynne St Greys Ferry Rd Greystone Trail Greytwig Ln Griffin Alley Grinstead Ct Gronau Ct
Grosvenor Ln Grotto Ave Grove Ave Grove Park Dr Groveland St E Groveline Ct Groveline Dr
Groveoak Dr Grovewood Ct Guadalupe Ct Guardsmen St Guernsey St Guest Quarters
Guiana Plum Dr Guildford Ct Guildhall Cir Guinyard Way Gulfport St Gulfstream Bay Ct Gulfstream Ct Gulfstream Rd Gumwood Ct Gun Cay Ave Gunnell Ct Gunnison Ave Gurtler Ct
Guy Rd Gypsum Ln Gypsy Ln **** H C Kelley Rd Habbersham Dr Hackberry Dr Hackney Ave
Hackney Prairie Rd Hadleigh Crest Hagan Ave Hage Way Haines Cir Haiti Cir Hal Ct Halbe Ave
Half Moon Dr Halifax Dr Halkyn Point Hall Ln Hall Rd Hallowell Cir Halsey Ct Halsey St
Hambley Ave Hames Ave Hamilton Ln Hammersmith Rd Hammock Dunes Pl Hammock Moss Dr Hampshire Village Ct Hampton Ave Hancock Hill Ct Hancock Lone Palm Rd Hand Blvd
Handley Ct Hangar Blvd Hanging Moss Rd Hankins Cir Hanks Ave Hanley Alley Hanlon Dr
Hannah Ln Hansel Ct Hansrob Rd Happy Hollow Ln Happy Ln Haralson Ave Harbor Bend Cir
Harbor Heights Cir Harbor Heights Dr Harbor Lake Dr Harbor Point Blvd Harbor View Dr
Harbour Lights Ct Harbour Links Ct Harbour Town Ct Harbour Villa Rd Harcourt Ave
Harding Ave Hardman Dr Hardrock Cir Hardwood Cir Hardy Ave Hargill Dr Hargrave St
Harkness Ct Harkwood Blvd Harland Dr Harlie St Harney Dr Harpers Ferry Ct Harrell Dr
Harrell Rd Harrier Dr Harriet Dr Harrington Rd Harris Hawk Rd Harrison Ave Harrow Ave
Harrow Gate Ln Harston Ave Hart Branch Cir Hart Ln Hartford Maroon Rd Hartford Run Dr
Hartland Ct Hartley Pl Hartman Dr Hartz Alley Harvard Ave Harvey St Harwell St Harwich St
Harwick Dr Harwood St Haskell Ave Hastings Beach Blvd Hatfield Ct Hatherton Cir Hatteras Ct
Hatteras Rd Hatton Cir Haughton Ln Havasu DrHavenford Ct Havenwood Dr Haversham Ct
Haverstraw Ave Hawaiian Ct Hawford Cir Hawk Crest Ln Hawk Lake Dr Hawkeye Dr
Hawksmoor Dr Hawksmoor Run Cir Hawksnest Blvd Haws Ct Haws Ln Hawthorne Groves Blvd
Hawthorne Hills Pl Hawthorne Oaks Ln Hayden Ln Haylock Dr Haylock St Haymarket Ct
Haywood Ct Hazal St Hazard St Hazel Ct Hazelgrove Dr Hazelhurst Ave Hazeltine Ct
Hazeltine National Dr Hazelton Ct Hazelwood Dr Hazenridge Way Head Ave Headlee Dr
Heartland St Heath St Heathcliff St Heathcote Dr Heather Ct Heather Glen Blvd Heather Glen Cir Heather Ridge Cir Heatherington Rd Heatherside Ave Heatherstone Ct Heatherstone Pl
Heatherwood Ct Heathfield Ct Heathgate Ct Heathow Heathrow St Heathwood Cir Heaton Ct
Heber Cir Hector Ct Hedgegate Ct Hedgley Pl Heidi Ct Heintzelman Blvd Heirloom Dr Helen Ave Helena Dr Hellman Ln Helmsmere Dr Heming Way Hemingway Terrace Hempstead Ave
Henderson Dr Hendren Dr Hendry Dr Hendy Ct Henley Rd Hennepin Blvd Henrich Dr Henson Rd Henton Ln Hera Dr Herbert Ave Herbert Ln Herbison Dr Heritage Bay Cir Heritage Estates Ave Heritage Ln Heritage Oak Dr Heritage Park Way Heritage Point Dr Heritage Village Ln
Herman Ave Hermosa St Herndon Ave Herold Dr Heron Bay Dr Heron Dr Heron Pointe Dr
Herricks Loop Hertha Ave Hester St Heswall Run Hewett Dr Hiawasse Spring Ct Hiawassee Bent Cir Hiawassee Oak Dr Hiawassee Overlook Dr Hiawatha Ave Hibiscus Ct Hibiscus Pl
Hibiscus Rd Hibiscus Way Hickey Dr Hickory Branch Cir Hickory Cove Ct Hickory Creek Dr
Hickory Hill Ct Hickory Ln Hickory Oak Blvd Hickory Pine St Hickory Stone Cir Hickory Tree Ct
Hicks Ave Hicks St Hidden Bay Ln Hidden Beach Blvd Hidden Beach Cir Hidden Cove Ct
Hidden Creek Blvd Hidden Cypress Dr Hidden Dale Ave Hidden Dunes Ln Hidden Forest Cir Hidden Hollow Dr Hidden Ivy Ct Hidden Springs Blvd Hidden Stream Ct Hidden Trail Rd
Hidden Valley Ct Hidden Village Blvd Hideaway Cove Ct High Breech Ln High Grove Way
High Lake Dr High Meadow Cir High Oak Ct High Park Ln High Pine Rd High Point Blvd
High St High Tech Ave Highgate St Highland Woods Ct Highway Pl Hilda Ct Hill Ct
Hill O Sands Ct Hill Pine Rd Hill Rd Hillary Ct Hillcrest St Hillmont Cir Hillock Way
Hills Pl Hills St Hillsdale Dr Hillshire Dr Hillside Ave Hillview Ln Hilmer Ct Hilo St
Hinson St Hitching Post Ln Hobbit Cir Hobbs Alley Hochad Dr Hockley Ct Hoenstine Ave
Hoffman Dr Hoffner Ave Hog Snapper Ln Holbrook Dr Holcomb Ct Holland Dr Hollenbeck Dr
Holley St Hollis Dr Hollow Crossing Dr Hollow Pine Rd Hollow Pointe Way Hollow Reed Ct
Hollow Ridge Cir Holly Bay Way Holly Branch Dr Holly Crest Dr Holly Ln Holly Oak Ct
Holly Springs Cir Holly Tree Ct Hollybrook Ct Hollyhill Dr Hollywood Blvd Hollywood Way
Holster Way Holston Way Homeland St Homer Cir Homette Ct Homosassa Ln Honey Girl Ln
Honey Ln Honey Locust Dr Honey Tree Ct Honeycomb St Honolulu Dr Honour Rd Hook Cir
Hook Hollow Cir Hookbill Ct Hoosier Pl Hop Tree Ln Hoperita St Hopespring Dr Hopi Dr
Hopkins Cir Hopkins Ct Hopper Ln Horgen Ave Horizon Creek Ct Horne Ave Horse Ferry Rd
Horse Shoe Bend Ct Horse Shoe Ct Horseshoe Falls Dr Horton Ln Hoskins Holler Hospitality Way Houndsgate Blvd Hourglass Dr Houston Pl Hovater Ct Hove St Howell Pl Howick St
Hubbard Pl Huber Dr Huckleberry Ave Huckleberry Finn Dr Hughes St Hughey Pl Hull Cir
Hullbridge Ct Humber Ln Hummingbird Ln Humphries Ave Hunt Club Ln Hunter Grove Dr
Hunter Leigh Point Hunterdon Ct Hunterdon Dr Hunterdon Way Hunters Glen Dr Hunters Mill Dr
Hunters Trail Ct Hunting Bow Ct Huntington Green Ct Huntington Pl Huntington St Huntleigh Pointe Huntley Dr Huntsman Ln Huntsville St Huppel Ave Huppel St Hurdle Ct Hurn Ct
Hurst Dr Hutchinson Morley Rd Huxley Ave Hwy 408 Hwy 416 Hwy 423 Hwy 423 Hwy 435
Hwy 436 Hwy 482 Hwy 527 Hwy 528 Hwy 536 Hwy 551 Hyacinth Dr Hyanis Ct Hydrus Dr
Hyer Ave Hyla St Hyland Oaks Dr Ian St Ians Ridge Rd Iberis Ln Ibis Dr Ibizan Ct Icet Dr
Iditarod Ln Idle Hour Dr Idlegrove Ct Illiana Ct Illiana St Illinois St Imber St Immokalee Ct

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